Drinking Dark Beverages Through a Straw Can Help Minimize Future Dental Stains

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The frequent consumption of dark beverages is often a primary or contributing factor promoting dental stains on the teeth that appear in your smile. If they are not addressed early, the discoloration in the tooth enamel can worsen. At this point the retail tooth whitening products in stores will likely prove ineffective and frustrating for improving your smile’s appearance.

In a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a dental bleaching treatment from a dentist like Dr. Steven Sachs. The potent whitening agents and professional tools used by our team can safely remove stains from your tooth enamel without harming your mouth.

Afterward, Dr. Sachs might also suggest making some minor lifestyle changes to help preserve the white appearance of your teeth. Something as simple as sipping dark beverages through a straw can significantly improve your chances of preventing future dental stains. This will reduce the total exposure to your front teeth.

Your regularly scheduled dental checkups at Sachs Family Dental will also serve to polish away any minor surface stains before they can saturate your tooth enamel. This will go a long way towards reducing your chances of needing a second dental bleaching treatment.

If you live in the Orem, Utah, area and you have been struggling to deal with chronic dental stains, you should call 801-225-4701 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Sachs Family Dental.