Bad Habits That Herald Oral Cancer

Nearly 50,000 people each year will be diagnosed with a form of cancer of the mouth or throat. Apart from looking for typical development of cavities and gum disease, your dentist will also be watchful to the potential of oral cancer during your check-ups. There are seven major risk factors... Read more »

What Are the Different Types of Toothpaste That Are Available?

Choosing the right type of toothpaste for your smile can be daunting, especially because there are many different types of toothpastes available. Fortunately, the more you know about the available options, the less daunting the task can be. So, our dentist, Dr. Steven Sachs, would like to help you by... Read more »

Root Canals Fundamentals

Root canal infections are generally caused by deep tooth breakdown. Fortunately, although this means that patients often cause their own teeth to wear down, this also means that you can have a hand in averting the need for a root canal operation. Here are some things that you can do... Read more »

Baby Teeth Traditions of Sweden, Norway and More

When you had a tooth fall out, you likely put it underneath your pillow, and rose in the morning to find some money in its stead. At least that’s probably what occurred if you lived in the United States. Have you heard that other regions have unique traditions about what... Read more »

Causes of Halitosis & Their Symptoms

Halitosis, which is also referred to as bad breath, can be an occasional thing or it can be more persistent. Often, bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue. Halitosis that occurs because of this is easily remedied by brushing your teeth and tongue. However,... Read more »

How to Keep Your Smile Healthy as You Age

Dental treatments have the ability to prolong a healthy smile for far longer than our forefathers could imagine. Still, aging does increase your vulnerability to dry mouth, gum disease, cancer in the mouth, and even oral thrush. But you can take measures in your day-to-day activities to protect your smile... Read more »

Endodontics and You

What do you know about endodontics? Many people have heard the word, but don’t know what it means. If this is you, we have the information you need! Our dental staff at Sachs Family Dental in Orem, Utah, is happy to give you the basics. Endodontics is a significant branch... Read more »