Get Dental Veneers to Give You a Better Smile Today!

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Dental veneers can give you that perfect smile you desire for the summer. The dental professionals here at Sachs Family Dental want to assist you with the smile you want. With dental veneers, your smile can be adjusted according to your specifications and your dentist’s recommendations.

Dental veneers are shells made to cover the front teeth, usually made of custom-made materials (such as composite resin or porcelain) specified towards the shape and color of your tooth. They can repair stained, decayed, or chipped teeth. They typically use a model to compare the best shape and color for your tooth. They can also last over a decade, withstanding consistent chewing, eating, and speaking.

The dental veneer process includes removing a small amount of enamel from the front tooth, so the procedure is irreversible. It may be suggested by your dentist to avoid certain foods or drinks that can stain your new veneer. If the veneer is chipped or gets a fracture this can be fixed by your dentist.

Enhance your smile with a dental veneer procedure whether it’s covering a tooth stain, fixing a chip, or cover any flaw on your teeth. Give Sachs Family Dental a call at 801-225-4701 to schedule an appointment today here in Orem, Utah!