Have an Annoying Abscess Irritating Your Smile?

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Do you have a painful sore around your teeth or gums that won’t go away? Not only is this sore distracting, it may be the result of an infection commonly known as an abscess. It’s a pus-filled spot in the mouth, acting as a barricade that will stop infection from spreading.

This distracting sore often is the result of bacteria entering a hurt or irritated area, resulting in swelling and pain. Dr. Steven Sachs and our dental professionals want to give you the care you need for your abscess, whether it’s the result of the gum tissues or teeth, to ease your discomfort today.

In order to better preserve the teeth, jaw bone, and surrounding tissues, you will need to be observed by your dentist. Signs/symptoms of an abscess that will be considered include pain, swelling, fever, redness in the gums, or a bad taste in the mouth. With each unique abscess, there is typically a unique treatment, so Dr. Steven Sachs will determine which treatment is best for you. This may include one of the following:

– Drain harmful materials such as pus out of the infected area.

– Get a professional cleaning between the gums and teeth if it’s the result of gum disease.

– Use antibiotics to destroy the infection.

– Undergo a root canal procedure for a decaying or cracked tooth.

Brush twice and floss every day to avoid abscesses in your mouth. Visit Dr. Steven Sachs at our dental office in Orem, Utah, for a cleaning and exam to ensure you have a healthy smile. Call Sachs Family Dental today at 801-225-4701 to set up a consultation or make an appointment today!