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How to Deal With a Dental Emergency

Posted April 27, 2017.

You probably know that being prepared for an emergency can make the entire experience more enjoyable. Similarly, you probably know that some emergencies are more time-sensitive than others are. Still, do you know what you should do during some of the more common emergencies? Of course, you can—and should—call our team if you’re involved in an emergency, but there are also a few general rules you should follow.

For instance, have you ever lost a tooth? In reality, losing a tooth can be a serious problem that can make your smile more difficult to clean, can lead to bad breath, and might also cause your other teeth to shift. However, did you know that our team could save the lost tooth if you’re able to bring it to our office within thirty minutes? If you find yourself in this situation, please remember to put your tooth in milk when you’re bringing it to the office.

Furthermore, you should visit our team if you break one of your pearly whites. Again, please try to bring as much of the tooth as you can to our office as soon as you can. You should also try to store these fragments in milk. Conversely, if you chip a tooth, you should set up an appointment with us as soon as you can, but you may be able to wait a few days. Still, please try to save the chipped piece of tooth.

If you’re hoping to be well prepared for your emergency, you could keep gauze and a cold compress on hand. You could also have a container to store broken teeth in. If you have more questions about dealing with broken, lost, or chipped teeth in Orem, Utah, we invite you to give Sachs Family Dental a call at 801-225-4701. Our dentist, Dr. Steven Sachs, and our team will gladly examine your teeth and give you personalized advice. We’re eager to hear from you.

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