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Solutions to Your Bad Breath

Posted June 12, 2017.

Have you noticed an increased smell in your breath? Even with consistent flossing and brushing, you may not be getting the best results. It may be the effect of an uncommon issue or more serious problem you didn’t think was possible. Sachs Family Dental wants to provide you with the best dental care here in Orem, Utah, where our dental professionals strive to care for your oral health and your smile.

When food is left untouched in between the teeth for a long time, bacteria growth in the mouth can leave a lingering odor. Be sure to brush soon after eating and floss once a day to get all the chunks of food in between your teeth. An additional way to fully clean your teeth includes cleaning your tongue with a scraper or just your toothbrush.

If your mouth’s salivary glands don’t function or you breathe through your mouth, you may not be getting the full amount of saliva your mouth needs to break down food and bacteria. Contact your dentist for a visit to see what may be the issue. He may recommend a solution to your breathing or obtaining artificial saliva.

Gum disease caused by an infection or plaque may be the answer to your bad breath. This can also be the result of smoking or using tobacco. This not only can cause bad breath but result in the loss of senses including taste or smell. Without these, it’s hard to tell whether or not you have bad breath.

If none of these are the result of something in your mouth, then it may be another cause. See your doctor about considering your medication or if it may be a symptom relating to your health.

Going to your dentist biannually will give you a better chance of detecting any of these issues early. Ways to get rid of bad breath include cleaning your dentures, taking your partial dentures out at night (this is if you have dentures), eating nourishing foods that don’t have as much sugar, and chewing on sugarless gum or candy to increase the flow of saliva.

Here at Sachs Family Dental, our dental professionals want to provide you with the best care for you and your smile. Call us at 801-225-4701 at Orem, Utah, where we will be happy to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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