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Replacing Your Tooth with a Dental Bridge

Posted August 28, 2017.

Dental bridges are the perfect answer to replace a tooth or teeth missing from your smile. They work to restore missing teeth, correct the alignment in your bite, and fill in the space causing cheek tissue to sink. Installing a bridge will help improve not only your comfort but your speaking and eating as well. Dr. Steven Sachs and our dental professionals in Orem, Utah, want to help you get your best and most comfortable smile today.

Meeting with your dentist to figure out which approach is best for you is the first step in having a dental bridge placed. Some of the best options to replace your missing tooth/teeth include a Maryland bridge, an artificial tooth bonded to surrounding teeth; a traditional bridge, crowns placed on surrounding teeth connected to the artificial tooth; or a cantilever, an artificial tooth connected to one crown placed on a surrounding tooth. Your bridge can be supported by implants, your natural teeth, or a combo of both.

After consulting with your dentist what will be the best approach, a mold will be made in the area needing a dental bridge, and your next appointment, your bridge will be installed! Preservation of your dental bridge needs the right care. Proper care will result in a length of up to 10 years. It can only last up to 5-7 years if you don’t keep proper care of it.

The loss of a tooth can result in difficulty chewing or speaking, so get a bridge installment today! Keep proper oral health care to avoid infections. Come into our dental clinic today or schedule an appointment or consultation by calling 801-225-4701. Let Sachs Family Dental give you your most comfortable and best smile!

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