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A Tooth with a Distressed Filling Could Suffer from a Toothache

Posted September 18, 2017.

A dental filling is typically cemented into place with a strong dental adhesive or cured and bonded with a special ultraviolet light. These measures will secure the dental filling in place for many years. It’s also worth noting that your overall oral hygiene will also factor in the total longevity of a dental filling.

If you are inconsistent with your daily oral hygiene, the bacterial environment in your mouth could gradually start to weaken the dental filling’s bond with the surrounding tooth enamel. As this starts to happen the oral bacteria in your mouth can gradually start to invade the interior of the tooth.

If tooth decay starts to develop in the dentin layer or pulp of the tooth, you might experience discomfort or a toothache in the tooth. To treat a tooth in this condition, Dr. Steven Sachs might need to perform a root canal. This will excise all traces of tooth decay and rebuild sufficient internal structure to eventually anchor a dental crown.

The material he recommends for the dental crown will be based on the tooth’s location in your mouth. A gold or base metal alloy dental crown might be used to restore a molar or premolar, whereas a porcelain dental crown might be used for a front tooth. If you live in the Orem, Utah, area and you have a toothache, you should call 801-225-4701 to have it examined and treated at Sachs Family Dental.

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