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Important Qualities in Children's Toothpaste

Posted February 19, 2018.

Your child needs to have their teeth brushed as soon as they have teeth, though they won’t need much toothpaste at first. When the time comes to choose the right pediatric toothpaste, keep in mind that these products can differ from adult toothpaste. There are certain qualities to consider when selecting an effective and safe toothpaste for children.

When you go shopping for toothpaste, no doubt you look for products that offer benefits according to your dental needs. There are many different types of toothpaste because every smile has its own requirements, such as whitening teeth, preventing gum disease, and strengthening tooth enamel. However, children’s toothpaste has much fewer requirements to keep in mind.

For example, fluoride toothpaste should not be given to children ages three and younger so that they don’t accidentally swallow the fluoride, which–while helpful for teeth–is not meant to be digested. You can also look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on toothpaste packaging to know which brands have been thoroughly tested and are proven to be safe for children.

Additionally, we recommending choosing a toothpaste with a fun and fruity flavor that your child will enjoy when they brush their teeth. While adult toothpaste use flavors like cinnamon and mint, these can be too potent children, who often prefer mild flavors. Making tooth brushing enjoyable can motivate your child to develop excellent oral care habits that protect their smile for a lifetime.

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