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Improvements in Oral Health Care: Mouth Jewelry Risks

Posted April 2, 2018.

Are you familiar with the oral health risks associated with mouth jewelry? If you are wearing any forms of mouth jewelry, you’re placing your teeth and gums at an increased risk of several forms of dental damage. It is important to be aware of the health hazards that can arise due to the use of lip and tongue rings and what you can do to help protect yourself.

Mount jewelry such as lip and tongue rings are dangerous for your smile because they can often be implemented incorrectly and can lead to severe oral health risks. When a tongue ring is inserted, there is the possibility that permanent nerve damage can occur. Furthermore, it’s very easy for it to hit a blood vessel.

Oftentimes with mouth jewelry, they consist of hard pieces that can chip and crack your teeth or even lacerate your gums. If any pieces ever pay off, choking hazards can occur. Other common risk factors connected with mouth jewelry include infections, allergic reactions, and issues with cleaning out your mouth thoroughly.

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