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Knowing How to Enhance Your Smile: Dental Veneers

Posted May 28, 2018.

Have you heard about all the exciting benefits that dental veneers can provide for your oral health? Dental veneers are extremely popular cosmetic dentistry treatments, as they can drastically improve the look of your smile. Extreme smile makeovers have often been noted in individuals that have had dental veneers in place. Whether you need a single tooth covered with a dental veneer or multiple teeth, they can be adjusted and adapted to meet your needs.

Dental veneers are shaped, colored, and sized for each individual tooth. Because of the durability of dental veneers, they can often last up to a decade before a replacement may be needed. However, dental veneers only cover up the front of teeth, so the back teeth still need to be cared for and maintained. With individuals who have unhealthy teeth or weakened teeth that lack the proper amount of tooth enamel, dental veneers may not be recommended. For an examination to determine if a dental veneer is right for you, you may want to visit our dentist for a comprehensive examination.

Dental veneers are popular because they can be shaped and crafted out of porcelain and resin composite materials that are both stain-resistant and tooth-colored in appearance. They can even be used for individuals who have suffered oral accidents and injuries and minor damage to teeth. Even if you have spacing issues between teeth, it may be possible for dental veneers to be applied to negate the use of orthodontic treatment.

Sachs Family Dental is here to help you with your smile with a dental veneer application from a dentist in Orem, Utah. For dental veneer treatments from Dr. Steven Sachs and our team at our dental office, you can book an appointment by contacting us at 801-225-4701.

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