The Uses of Biolase WaterLase®

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Using the right dental tools can give your smile the best treatment. For many dental procedures, Biolase WaterLase® can be used to more precisely treat your teeth. It’s a gentle laser tool that uses water spray in a safe and effective way, cutting down time. This allows Dr. Steven Sachs and our dental associates to use it instead of using a drill or shot to better treat your smile.

Biolase WaterLase® combines the technological use of laser energy, air, and water to give your teeth a dental experience that eliminates the need for dental drills. Shortening treatment time, decreasing the risk of infection, and minimizing bleeding, laser dentistry can treat the targeted, unhealthy regions of the teeth while preserving the healthy parts. It can treat the removal of tooth decay, surgical gum treatments, crown lengthening, root canal therapy, hard/soft tissue procedures, dental implant recovery, and/or tooth enamel etching.

This use of laser dentistry can greatly increase your comfortability without the use of an anesthetic component. Come into Sachs Family Dental today for the latest treatments here in Orem, Utah. Give us a call at 801-225-4701 today for a consultation or appointment to receive the most up-to-date treatment.