Use Fluoride to Better Your Dental Care

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Heightened sensitivity and discomfort can occur when erosion of the enamel or bacteria breaks down the enamel occurs. This often allows for cavities to appear, and if left untreated, they can cause further damage beyond the surface of the tooth. Our dental professionals here at Sachs Family Dental want to help you take the best steps in taking care of your smile. This includes the use of fluoride.

Small amounts of fluoride can often be found in your foods and even water. Many local water systems put in a healthy amount of fluoride to help strengthen citizens teeth. This has been implemented through studies in the past century and how it is beneficial for teeth.

Your dentist provides a deep fluoride treatment at your biannual visits. All of these fluoride treatments strengthen the density of the tooth enamel, helping them be more resistant to cavities and/or sensitivity.

Further uses of fluoride through store bought or recommended uses by Dr. Steven Sachs can benefit your smile. Speak to our dentist professionals today about which option is best for you. Be sure to get your biannual dental checkup, where we also include a deep, fluoride treatment. Schedule an appointment with our office here in Orem, Utah, by calling 801-225-4701. Sachs Family Dental wants to assist you and your dental care habits to improve your smile today!